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Friday, April 18, 2008

Photos. Just photos.

Nothing new to report so I decided to post some photos. I tried to post them yesterday, but the Blogger photo uploader wasn't working for some reason...

Anywho, the above picture is a Fish Crow that landed on the bird bath outside my window.

I was experimenting with the Black & White feature on my camera yesterday, and got some nice shots of my budgie, Tuki.
Obviously, this is not the albino one I posted about a couple months ago -- this is my 3-year-old parakeet. I've raised him since he was a baby, so he's extremely tame, talkative, friendly, and pretty much the polar-opposite of the albino. :-)

Above is a Red-shouldered Hawk that was flying over my house yesterday. There were actually four of them putting on a great display really low over the house. By the time I got the camera out though, only this one was within sight, and he was flying way up high.

Hopefully I'll get to see some year or life birds soon. It's been a while.

Happy birding!



  • How many do you have on your list?

    If you saw my blog recently, I'm at 103 for my "1 hour radius" list.
    My overall year list is at 220. Pretty good considering I've been only to 2 states other than WI and only once each.

    Nice pictures!

    By Blogger Parus, At April 18, 2008 at 11:24 PM  

  • Uuugh, my lists is suffering. I'm stuck at 75 for the year list, and 74 for my 1-hour list.

    I haven't been able to spend much time birding lately (although I try to look everytime I'm outside).

    220 is excellent, for birding in three states so far! Way to go!

    Happy birding,

    By Blogger A., At April 19, 2008 at 9:26 AM  

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