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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Added two more birds to my list today, both spotted in the same place.

The first was an Eastern Bluebird. I'm actually surprised I hadn't seen one earlier this year. I saw them frequently in December, but this is the first I've seen on '08.

And my second find for the day? A Loggerhead Shrike! Yes, I know, they're common in FL. And yet, I was beginning to think people were just making it up. ;-) But yes, I finally saw one, out on a fence around a horse pasture, near where I saw the Bluebirds. Big sigh of relief.... Loggerhead Shrikes really exist!

I tried my hand at sketching one from my field guide when I got home. I drew this one with pencil and charcoal.
  • Year list total: 53

Happy birding!


  • wow, 4 more year birds in 2 days! nice!
    Nice find with the Loggerhead Shrike! I still don't have one on my FL list (an I've been to FL more times than I can count). Beautiful sketch too. That's a much better job than I could ever do (you've probably seen my Shrike sketch). lol that's why I prefer photography.
    You're 13 species ahead of me now. That'll change come april though.
    In March, I'm planning a trip to TX. That'll put my year list up around 250-300.
    I'm planning on going to High Island birding camp.
    It sounds fun and it's not too expensive. You should check it out. They need more people to go. Right now, there's not quite enough.

    Happy Birding! --Chris

    By Blogger Parus, At January 31, 2008 at 11:54 PM  

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