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Friday, May 2, 2008

My story in Audubon Magazine

"When I stepped into the world of birding, I felt like I had opened my eyes for the first time."

This June will mark my one-year anniversary of becoming a birder, when I won a scholarship to the Coastal Maine Bird Studies camp on Hog Island. The picture to the left was taken more or less the moment my birding obsession began (I'm the one in the tan & green hat and the purple shirt reading the field guide).

So what does this have to do with Audubon Magazine?

I wanted to share my story, and last December, I pitched the idea to the magazine. To my delight, the editor accepted it as a "Web Exclusives" feature.

For the last four months, I have been working on writing and editing the article, and this month, it was published for the magazine's May/June issue online. I am really happy; this is the biggest article I've written and to have it published in Audubon Magazine is truly exciting.

In June, I'll post more about my adventures at the camp. I couldn't fit even a fraction of it in the Audubon article, but thankfully, I that's what I have a blog for. :-)

You can read my article here, and check out some of my photos.

Happy birding!

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