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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Red-legged Thrush? In Florida?

Supposedly there is a Red-legged Thrush in Brevard County, FL, found yesterday. If you're like me (that is, a bird enthusiast but rather lacking in any knowledge of rarities), you'll be interested to know that this would this be a first time record for the whole of North America, as it is normally native to the Caribbean -- Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and surrounding areas. It has never been seen on North American land before, and here it showed up in my state!

All of this is very tentative right now, though. The original report of the bird on the local listservs suggests that the person who found it wasn't aware of how special the RLTH really is. From what it looks like, a few birders have gone out today to see if they can find it, so right now I'm sitting back and waiting to see if this is a legitimate finding, or a one-time sighting that will result in several months of debate in the birding community.

More updates to come for sure!

Happy birding!

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