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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For a rainy day

I saved these photos and sketches for a rainy day, and judging by the water falling from the sky, I'd say it's definitely rainy. In fact, it has been the last couple days.

This morning dawned dark and grey, letting loose a drizzle of little more than a heavy mist descending from the thick clouds (rain is quite poetic! Either that, or I've been cooped up indoors for too long...).

Anywho, I took these photos a couple days ago before the rain started, of birds in my yard. A couple Carolina Wrens were hopping about under my window, making the craziest noises. They're extremely hard to photograph, as they move around constantly.

In our front yard oak tree, a Red-bellied Woodpecker posed nicely for a few moments and I got a couple good shots.

I have also been working on some drawings -- not exactly field sketches, as I was using pictures from my field guide, but close enough. Above is a sketch of a Yellow-rumped Warbler and an Ovenbird, two fairly common species around here.

This sketch I just did this afternoon. I was being lazy and just took a picture of the drawings, instead of scanning them, so the quality isn't great, but oh well. It's a rainy day, and I don't really care. :-)

Once this rain goes away, it's supposed to get pretty cold, with lows in the 30s tomorrow through Friday.

Until next time,
Happy birding!

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  • Nice sketches! As always. :D

    Oh, and don't let me catch you saying 30 degrees is cold. ;) It's actually quite warm. The high temp today was 0 and the windchill was -25. Now that's starting to get a bit cold. Oh, and I went looking for Golden Eagles today. ;)

    lol, sorry, had to put that one in there. ;)

    haha, funny, the word verification on here says "andityle" no lie. How did you get you're name in there? LOL

    By Blogger Parus, At January 13, 2009 at 11:24 PM  

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