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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kayaking and Baby Hawk pics

Really nothing much new to blog about, but I thought I'd post a few more pictures of the Rainbow River trip.

This was a Double-Crested Cormorant we came across up the river. It seemed very used to paddlers, and we passed extremely close to it.

There I am kayaking past it. Really, cormorants are large birds when you get up close. I see them on a near-daily basis, but I never really realized how big they are!

This picture was taken locally (not at Rainbow River). The hawks from the nest are fledging! There's a really large fledgling sitting on the left side of the nest (notice the fuzzy feathers around the back of the head) and another hawk sitting in the middle of the nest (you can just barely see its back).

Hopefully I'll get to go birding again sometime soon, and have more to report on!

Happy birding

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