Birder's Eye View

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wildlife of Honduras

First of all, I realize it has been an obscenely long time since my last post. This is due to several factors:
1) I'm a senior undergraduate in my final semester of college
2) My computer's motherboard failed and I lost everything a few weeks ago
3) The above two factors combined with various travel preparations has kept me swamped with work.

As you can imagine, however, Honduras was incredible. I spent a couple days in Copan on the mainland near the border of Guatemala visiting the Mayan ruins, a bird park, and the town, before traveling back across the country and taking a short, tiny flight to the island of Roatan. 

There, I spent the rest of the week snorkeling, napping in hammocks, hiking to the top of a mountain, snorkeling some more, and swimming with dolphins.

That of course, is the very brief version of my trip but as it is now, I'm about to head off today to a totally different part of the world: ICELAND! Spring break is once again upon us, and in a couple hours I will soon be leaving the sunny warmth of Florida and heading to the arctic to volunteer in Skaftafell National Park for a week. 

Until I get back however (hopefully with tons of awesome photos of snow, waterfalls, mountains, and sheep), here are some pictures from my Central America trip a couple months ago to tide you over:

An agouti -- these guys were everywhere!

Probable yellow-billed Cacique

Variegated Squirrel

Boat-billed Flycatcher

Anyone know their Honduran lizards?

Favorite bird of the trip...


Spot-breasted Oriole

Mystery-wren. Any ideas?

The macaw is the national bird of Honduras

Scarlet Macaw

White-fronted Amazon


Gray Hawk (incidentally, I saw a wild one the same day!)

Flying in to Roatan (the coral reefs were visible from the air!)

Baby howler monkey

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

There were TONS of Magnificent Frigatebirds

Starfish underwater

Another sea turtle