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Friday, April 24, 2009

Research papers and baby birds

Just a quick post to say that I may be MIA on my blog for a couple weeks, due to the accelarating pace of the semester. Two and a half more weeks of school is surely not enough time to get everything done, so I'll most likely be setting aside the blog until finals are over.

My biggest concern right now is this research paper I'm working on for Environmental Biology, about the effects of pond salinity on bird diversity. As a college freshman, I've never written a research paper before. And while it only needs to be 5 pages long, I am thoroughly overwhelmed (which doesn't give me much hope for the next few years, when I'll be writing at least a few 20+ page papers!).

Today I did take a study break however, to go visit a nest of baby mockingbirds near one of the dorms. The mother mockingbird was positively ticked off by the presence of my friends and I, when she flew into the bush to feed the chicks (you can see her in the background about half-way through the video, below).

They were pretty cute though -- I really hope they fledge successfully in the next couple weeks.

Until next time,

Happy birding!


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