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Saturday, October 13, 2007

One Hundred and Twenty!

Woohoo! I added the 120th bird to my list just a few minutes ago. 120 is a big number for me. And bigger than I ever would have thought I could get just a few months ago. My goal of 150 doesn't look so farfetched after all.

So, what was my 120th bird? Nothing special, but a new bird to me, nonetheless, which, by virtue of being new, is exciting. To me. Of course.

A Yellow-Throated Warbler! As soon as I realized it was a Warbler, I ran inside and grabbed my camera, and began snapping pictures as fast as the poor little digital thing would tolerate.

The pictures weren't great, but they were good enough for me to compare with those in my field guide.

At first it was a toss up between a Magnolia Warbler and a Yellow-Throated, but once I adjusted the pics, I realized that my bird had more white on its underbelly.

So, there you have it. 120 down, 30 to go.

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